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Technology to support scholarship and research can generally be seen as developing from two sources: Divisional Liaisons and the Local IT Specialists they supervise, and the staff in Research and Faculty Partnerships. Locally, utilizing the DL Council at a locus of information exchange, academic divisions leverage one another’s expertise and developed services to meet common needs. Research and Faculty partnerships works strategically at the campus level to leverage local, regional and national partnerships to extend and improve research infrastructure.

Two efforts are undertaken to develop technology in support of scholarship and research. First, through the development and creative application of state-of-the-art information technology ITS, in collaboration with faculty, enables new avenues of research and approaches to instruction that leverage the power of IT in support of the information intensive activities of research and education. Second, by monitoring funding opportunities for the integration of information technology into academic activities and for the implementation of new IT infrastructure, ITS can help fund improvements in the campus infrastructure, alleviating some of the pressure on state and research overhead funds.