At A Glance


• Enhance a portion of campus network to:

– Support network intensive research

– Support easy upgrade at minimal cost


High-bandwidth Protocol Testbed

• Dummynet lets us specify path characteristics • b/w limits, loss rates, etc.
• hVp://

  •  Understand impact of configuration parameters on performance
  •  Determine optimal configurations
  •  Compare performance

Challenges of Large Transfers

• Challenges

– High-bandwidth, long distance is hard!

  •  Systems need tuning
  •  Network needs monitoring– “Latest” technologies are expensive

• Solution: NSF 100 Gbps Science DMZ

– Research-oriented network environment

  •  100 Gbps connec:on to CENIC “high performance research” network
  •  Tuned network and systems
  • At edge of campus to minimize cost for “latest” technology– Support to help researchers integrate into their work– Extend Science DMZ to buildings where needed

100 Gbps Science DMZ